Gerstenberg clavichord unfretted

Johann David Gerstenberg


8'8' C-e'''

unfretted, a' 415 Hz

Lower Manual of the Pedalclavichord

Musikinstrumentenmuseum Leipzig, Nr.23

Gregor Bergmann 2000/2012


Gerstenberg 5
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Johann David Gerstenberg's pedal clavichord

has two manuals and a pedal instrument. The upper manual is shallower than the lower one. They are kept in a case.  The lower manual can be pulled into playing position like a drawer. The case rests on the pedal instrument. The instrument belongs to the Saxonian clavichords. Without its upper manual and pedal it could well be Friederici's little brother.

This copy is made in spruce and painted red. The touch is firm with a fast speech and a nice overtone structure. The stand comes apart for transport.


Pictures: Gregor Bergmann


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