C(D) & G(A) Regal 8'

c(d)wood stopped  &  g(a) wood open

c'd'ds'e'-c''' metal pipes

440 Hz pythagorean

Gregor Bergmann 2014

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Portatives for education

Together with the Orgelakademie Stade we developed a pair of portatives chiefly for educational purposes. They should be useful in a concert as well.

The portatives show the basic functions of a pipe organ. Acrylic glass allows viewing the inside of the wind box, the windchest and the bellows. Reed pipes, stopped and open flue pipes can be seen and heard. The keys for the bordune pipes, located to the left of the main keyboard, sound the Regal C&G (which can alternatively be tuned to D&A), the stopped wooden pipe d(f), and an open wood pipe a(h).


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